Obscure Super Villains :: Nocturna’s Lament

Obscure Super Villains :: Nocturna’s Lament by Allison Franks

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This month’s piece:

As soon as this month’s theme was decided I knew I was going to choose the character Nocturna (from Batman and Detective Comics) as my obscure super villain. For some reason, I have always been obsessed with her character who borders on madness and yet still manages to woo the Batman and adopt Robin (Jason Todd) as her son. This piece expresses how I’ve always viewed her tragic tale; stuck between her love of the night and her potential shot at real love with Batman. Original writings by me and I’ve Photoshopped images from the comics together as the background. I hope you enjoy.


Hi there! My name is Allison Franks and I’m a craftoholic. (No, seriously)

I live for art, adventure, comics, and travel. But most of all I’m hopelessly addicted to creating totally bizarre jewelry that’ll make people turn around and say, “Are those babies in frying pans on your ears?”.

So I guess you could say I’m a 20-something small business owner living in Spring Branch,TX with a BA in Anthropology. And I guess you could say I’m quite happy about that. But all that really matters is that I’m having the time of my life just being me!

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Obscure Super Villains :: R.E.G.I.S

Obscure Super Villains :: R.E.G.I.S. by BigBadShadowMan


About the Piece- the R.E.G.I.S. Mark VReplicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage

I picked R.E.G.I.S. Mark V for the episode “All I Wanted Was a Slushie” from Megas XLR which one of my favorite episodes.

The Artist’s DeviantArt-   DemonLordM

Obscure Super Villains :: The Leader

Obscure Super Villains :: The Leader By john Faggard
About the piece: The Leader, aka Samuel Sterns, was once and unskilled laborer until being exposed to gamma irradiated waste that gave him an enlarged cranium, and super intelligence. Since then he has tried time and again to aquire the power of The Incredile Hulk and of course, the world. The Leader possesses knowledge of genetics, physics, and robotics, and has designed a large number of sophisticated weapons, vehicles, computers, androids, and synthetic humanoids. He is particularly adept at genetic engineering and manipulating radiation for various nefarious purposes. However his arrogance almost always gets in the way of his evil plans.
About the Artist: I am an old school type of nerd. I have been a geek since back when it was bad to be one. I started reading Science Fiction novels at a fairly young age and the rest is history. Video games, comic books, movies all rule my life. I’m also pretty geeky about cars too.

Obscure Super Villains :: Dr Dinosaur

Obscure Super Villains :: Dr Dinosaur by Kristin Frenzel

About the Piece- For those of you not familiar with Dr Dinosaur I feel very sorry for you. It probably means you haven’t read Atomic Robo, the adventure packed scientific whirlwind indie comic of the century- Written by Brian Clevinger (the guy behind 8bit theater). It is filled with adventure, science, action, and robotic romance! Also Stephen Hawking is an asshole! Anyway Dr Dinosaur believes himself to be a time traveling super genius, in reality he is extremely delusional, crazy, and psychotic! the perfect balance to Robo’s mechanical wit and pure metallic charm.

About the Artist- Kristin Frenzel is an artist based in Fort Lauderdale Florida. She has a soft spot for raptors, and pop culture and her art reflects as such! She is also the founder and owner of this illustrious art blog.

Links and Contact Info


http://society6.com/KristinFrenzel <- Prints of this piece are available here

Obscure Super Villains : Ruby Thursday

Obscure Super Villains :: Ruby Thursday by Kathleen Kendall

About the Piece- Ruby Thursday…because having a computer for a head that can morph into anything, including TENTACLES, is amazing. And pretty weird.

About the Artist- Kathleen is a Video game aficionado and lover of anything spacey! You can find her on the internet at http://www.kckendall.blogspot.com


Obscure Super Villains :: Sark from Tron

Obscure Super Villains :: Sark from Tron by Max Acree

Not my power cycles! I need those!

About the Piece– Sark from Tron speedpaint. Thinking of doing a BabylTRON 5 mashup comic, at least an image. I was trying to come up with a good analogue on B5 for the Sark character, I guess it would have to be Londo, the malari ambassidor.

About the Artist– I’ve been drawing most of my life, though I never took a formal art class until I got to college.  I got my BA in Studio Art from USF with an emphasis in Printmaking, and then I got my Master’s in Interactive Entertainment from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orlando.  I spent a few years making educational video games, and now I’m a software producer working in the business sector.  My wife and I currently reside in Louisiana with our two lovely cats.  You can follow my work at www.maxacree.com and www.maxacree.tumblr.com

March’s Theme :: Obscure Supervillains

AH! New month new theme! If you have been following our Facebook group (and it is open to join!) you might know how we choose our themes, which is through a vote. This particular theme was very coveted last month but ANTI Valentine’s day won. So when it was on the ballot again there was no surprise that it would be the winning theme. And most of us were very excited!

You might ask yourself, WTF is an obscure super villain? Or who could be an obscure super villain. I’ll just give you a list of examples of villains who are NOT obscure.


  • The Joker
  • Harley Quinn
  • Magneto
  • Captain Hook
  • Doc Oc

If they sell T Shirts of your villain at Hot Topic or Walmart chances are they are not obscure enough.

Other then that feel free to interpret this however your creative little mind desires!

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